WildFly Elytron

Reporting of CVEs and Security Issues

The WildFly Elytron community and our sponsor, Red Hat, take security bugs very seriously

We aim to take immediate action to address serious security-related problems that involve our projects. Note that we will only fix such issues in the most recent minor release of WildFly Elytron.

Reporting of Security Issues

When reporting a security vulnerability it is important to not accidentally broadcast to the world that the issue exists, as this makes it easier for people to exploit it. The software industry uses the term embargo to describe the time a security issue is known internally until it is public knowledge.

Our preferred way of reporting security issues in WildFly Elytron and its related projects is listed below.

Email the mailing list

The list at security@wildfly.org is the preferred mechanism for outside users to report security issues. A member of the WildFly Elytron team will open the required issues.

Other considerations

If you would like to work with us on a fix for the security vulnerability, please include your GitHub username in the above email, and we will provide you access to a temporary private fork where we can collaborate on a fix without it being disclosed publicly, including in your own publicly visible git repository.

Do not open a public issue, send a pull request, or disclose any information about the suspected vulnerability publicly, including in your own publicly visible git repository. If you discover any publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities, please notify us immediately through security@wildfly.org