WildFly Elytron

Using WildFly Elytron JASPI with Standalone Undertow

How to make use of JASPI with a standalone Undertow.

WildFly Elytron - Implementing a Custom HTTP Authentication Mechanism

How to implement a configure a custom HTTP authentication mechanism.

WildFly Elytron - Add Kerberos Authentication To Existing Web Application

A blog post describing how to override the authentication policy of an existing web application and add SPNEGO authentication to it.

Using WildFly Elytron with Undertow Standalone

Although developed for use within the WildFly application server the WildFly Elytron project can also be used in isolation, this blog post demonstrates how it can be used to secure an embedded Undertow server.

WildFly Elytron - SSL Configuration

An early blog post describing how SSL configuration was being centrally defined within a new subsystem. Written early 2016 it is potentially due to be reviewed as exact commands may have evolved since it was written.