WildFly Elytron

Using Custom Principals with Elytron

How to make accessing user information simpler, with new support for custom principals in WildFly Elytron.

Using case principal transformers in Elytron

An overview of the new case principal transformer included in WildFly 22.

Configuring an aggregate-realm with a principal-transformer

This blog post shows how to use a principal-transformer in an aggregate-realm between authentication and authorization.

Implementing a custom Elytron principal transformer

How to implement and make use of a custom Elytron principal transformer.

WildFly Elytron - Principal Transformers, Realm Mappings, and Principal Decoders

To control the behaviour during authentication and authorization WildFly Elytron supports the use of various transformers, mappers, and decoders - this blog post describes how they fit together in the different stages of authentication.