WildFly Elytron

WildFly Elytron

Invoking EJBs over HTTP

An overview of how to setup EJBs to operate over HTTP.

HTTP External Mechanism

Overview of Elytron support for the HTTP External Mechanism

HTTP Basic Authentication in silent mode with Wildfly Elytron

How to set and make use of silent mode for the HTTP BASIC authentication mechanism.

Using WildFly Elytron with the Netty HttpServerCodec

An introduction as to how WildFly Elytron could be used with Netty.

Using WildFly Elytron JASPI with Standalone Undertow

How to make use of JASPI with a standalone Undertow.

WildFly Elytron - Implementing a Custom HTTP Authentication Mechanism

How to implement a configure a custom HTTP authentication mechanism.