Class X500PrincipalBuilder

  • public final class X500PrincipalBuilder
    extends Object
    A builder for X.500 principals, defined in RFC 5280 as:
        Name ::= CHOICE { -- only one possibility for now --
          rdnSequence  RDNSequence }
        RDNSequence ::= SEQUENCE OF RelativeDistinguishedName
        RelativeDistinguishedName ::=
          SET SIZE (1..MAX) OF AttributeTypeAndValue
        AttributeTypeAndValue ::= SEQUENCE {
          type     AttributeType,
          value    AttributeValue }
        AttributeType ::= OBJECT IDENTIFIER
        AttributeValue ::= ANY -- DEFINED BY AttributeType
        DirectoryString ::= CHOICE {
              teletexString           TeletexString (SIZE (1..MAX)),
              printableString         PrintableString (SIZE (1..MAX)),
              universalString         UniversalString (SIZE (1..MAX)),
              utf8String              UTF8String (SIZE (1..MAX)),
              bmpString               BMPString (SIZE (1..MAX)) }
    David M. Lloyd