Class CertificatePoliciesExtension.PolicyQualifier

    • Constructor Detail

      • PolicyQualifier

        public PolicyQualifier​(String policyQualifierId,
                               ASN1Encodable body)
        Construct a new instance.
        policyQualifierId - the policy qualifier OID (must not be null)
        body - the body of the policy extension (must not be null)
    • Method Detail

      • encodeTo

        public void encodeTo​(ASN1Encoder encoder)
        Description copied from interface: ASN1Encodable
        Encode this object.
        Specified by:
        encodeTo in interface ASN1Encodable
        encoder - the encoder (must not be null)
      • userNoticeQualifier

        public static CertificatePoliciesExtension.PolicyQualifier userNoticeQualifier​(String organizationText,
                                                                                       BigInteger[] noticeNumbers,
                                                                                       String explicitText)
        Construct a UserNotice policy qualifier.
        organizationText - the organization text, or null to skip the NoticeReference section
        noticeNumbers - the notice numbers (only used if organization text is given)
        explicitText - explicit text for the notice, or null to skip the DisplayText section
        the constructed policy qualifier