Class TrustedAuthority.NameTrustedAuthority

    • Constructor Detail

      • NameTrustedAuthority

        public NameTrustedAuthority​(String name)
        Construct a new instance.
        name - the distinguished name of this trusted authority, as a String
    • Method Detail

      • encodeTo

        public void encodeTo​(ASN1Encoder encoder)
        Description copied from class: TrustedAuthority

        Encode this TrustedAuth element using the given trusted authority and DER encoder, where TrustedAuth is defined as:

              TrustedAuth ::= CHOICE {
                  authorityName         [0] Name,
                      -- SubjectName from CA certificate
                  issuerNameHash        [1] OCTET STRING,
                      -- SHA-1 hash of Authority's DN
                  issuerKeyHash         [2] OCTET STRING,
                      -- SHA-1 hash of Authority's public key
                  authorityCertificate  [3] Certificate,
                      -- CA certificate
                  pkcs15KeyHash         [4] OCTET STRING
                      -- PKCS #15 key hash

        Specified by:
        encodeTo in interface ASN1Encodable
        Specified by:
        encodeTo in class TrustedAuthority
        encoder - the DER encoder (must not be null)