Interface ElytronToolMessages

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    public interface ElytronToolMessages
    extends org.jboss.logging.BasicLogger
    Messages for Elytron tool.
    Peter Skopek
    • Method Detail

      • commandOrAliasNotFound

                 value="Command or alias \"%s\" not found.")
        String commandOrAliasNotFound​(String command)
      • inputDataNotConfirmed

                 value="Input data not confirmed. Exiting.")
        String inputDataNotConfirmed()
      • cmdHelp

                 value="%s %s")
        String cmdHelp​(String toolCommand,
                       String commandName)
      • commandExecuteException

                 value="Exception encountered executing the command:")
        String commandExecuteException()
      • generalHelpTitle

                 value="Printing general help message:")
        String generalHelpTitle()
      • cmdLineStoreLocationDesc

                 value="Location of credential store storage file")
        String cmdLineStoreLocationDesc()
      • cmdLineCredentialStoreHelpHeader

                 value="\"credential-store\" command is used to perform various operations on credential store.")
        String cmdLineCredentialStoreHelpHeader()
      • cmdLineImplementationPropertiesDesc

                 value="Implementation properties for credential store type in form of \"prop1=value1; ... ;propN=valueN\" .%nSupported properties are dependent on credential store type%nKeyStoreCredentialStore (default implementation) supports following additional properties (all are optional):%nkeyStoreType - specifies the key store type to use (defaults to \"JCEKS\")%nkeyAlias - specifies the secret key alias within the key store to use for encrypt/decrypt of data in external storage (defaults to \"cs_key\")%nexternal - specifies whether to store data to external storage and encrypted by keyAlias key (defaults to \"false\")%ncryptoAlg - cryptographic algorithm name to be used to encrypt/decrypt entries at external storage \"external\" has to be set to \"true\"")
        String cmdLineImplementationPropertiesDesc()
      • cmdLineCredentialStorePassword

                 value="Password for credential store")
        String cmdLineCredentialStorePassword()
      • cmdLineSaltDesc

                 value="Salt to apply for final masked password of the credential store")
        String cmdLineSaltDesc()
      • cmdLineIterationCountDesc

                 value="Iteration count for final masked password of the credential store")
        String cmdLineIterationCountDesc()
      • cmdLinePasswordCredentialValueDesc

                 value="Password credential value")
        String cmdLinePasswordCredentialValueDesc()
      • cmdLineEntryDesc

                 value="The alias of the existing password entry to encrypt")
        String cmdLineEntryDesc()
      • cmdLineEntryTypeDesc

                 value="Type of entry in credential store")
        String cmdLineEntryTypeDesc()
      • cmdLineOtherProvidersDesc

                 value="Comma separated list of JCA provider names. Providers will be supplied to the credential store instance.%nEach provider must be installed through file or through service loader from properly packaged jar file on classpath.")
        String cmdLineOtherProvidersDesc()
      • cmdLineCustomCredentialStoreProviderDesc

                 value="Provider name containing CredentialStoreSpi implementation.%nProvider must be installed through file or through service loader from properly packaged jar file on classpath.")
        String cmdLineCustomCredentialStoreProviderDesc()
      • cmdLineCreateCredentialStoreDesc

                 value="Create credential store (Action)")
        String cmdLineCreateCredentialStoreDesc()
      • cmdLineCredentialStoreTypeDesc

                 value="Credential store type")
        String cmdLineCredentialStoreTypeDesc()
      • cmdLineAddAliasDesc

                 value="Add new alias to the credential store (Action)")
        String cmdLineAddAliasDesc()
      • cmdLineRemoveAliasDesc

                 value="Remove alias from the credential store (Action)")
        String cmdLineRemoveAliasDesc()
      • cmdLineCheckAliasDesc

                 value="Check if alias exists within the credential store (Action)")
        String cmdLineCheckAliasDesc()
      • cmdLineAliasesDesc

                 value="Display all aliases (Action)")
        String cmdLineAliasesDesc()
      • cmdLineAliasTypes

                 value="Display all types of stored credentials for given alias (Action)")
        String cmdLineAliasTypes()
      • cmdLineGenerateKeyPairDesc

                 value="Generate private and public key pair and store them as a KeyPairCredential")
        String cmdLineGenerateKeyPairDesc()
      • cmdLineKeySizeDesc

                 value="Size (number of bytes) of the keys when generating a KeyPairCredential.")
        String cmdLineKeySizeDesc()
      • cmdLineKeyAlgorithmDesc

                 value="Encryption algorithm to be used when generating a KeyPairCredential: RSA, DSA, or EC. Default RSA")
        String cmdLineKeyAlgorithmDesc()
      • cmdLineExportPublicKeyDesc

                 value="Prints the public key stored under a KeyPairCredential as Base64 encoded String, in OpenSSH format.")
        String cmdLineExportPublicKeyDesc()
      • cmdLineImportKeyPairDesc

                 value="Import a KeyPairCredential into the credential store.")
        String cmdLineImportKeyPairDesc()
      • cmdLinePrivateKeyLocationDesc

                 value="The location of a file containing a private key.")
        String cmdLinePrivateKeyLocationDesc()
      • cmdLinePublicKeyLocationDesc

                 value="The location of a file containing a public key.")
        String cmdLinePublicKeyLocationDesc()
      • cmdLineKeyPassphraseDesc

                 value="The passphrase used to decrypt the private key.")
        String cmdLineKeyPassphraseDesc()
      • cmdLinePrivateKeyStringDesc

                 value="A private key specified as a String.")
        String cmdLinePrivateKeyStringDesc()
      • cmdLinePublicKeyStringDesc

                 value="A public key specified as a String.")
        String cmdLinePublicKeyStringDesc()
      • cmdLinePrintSummary

                 value="Print summary, especially command how to create this credential store")
        String cmdLinePrintSummary()
      • cmdLineHelp

                 value="Get help with usage of this command (Action)")
        String cmdLineHelp()
      • aliasExists

                 value="Alias \"%s\" exists")
        String aliasExists​(String alias)
      • aliasDoesNotExist

                 value="Alias \"%s\" does not exist")
        String aliasDoesNotExist​(String alias)
      • aliasDoesNotExist

                 value="Alias \"%s\" of type \"%s\" does not exist")
        String aliasDoesNotExist​(String alias,
                                 String type)
      • aliasStored

                 value="Alias \"%s\" has been successfully stored")
        String aliasStored​(String alias)
      • aliasStored

                 value="Alias \"%s\" of type \"%s\" has been successfully stored")
        String aliasStored​(String alias,
                           String type)
      • aliasRemoved

                 value="Alias \"%s\" has been successfully removed")
        String aliasRemoved​(String alias)
      • aliasRemoved

                 value="Alias \"%s\" of type \"%s\" has been successfully removed")
        String aliasRemoved​(String alias,
                            String type)
      • commandSummary

                 value="Credential store command summary:%n--------------------------------------%n%s")
        String commandSummary​(String command)
      • aliases

                 value="Credential store contains following aliases: %s")
        String aliases​(String aliases)
      • noAliases

                 value="Credential store contains no aliases")
        String noAliases()
      • actionToPerformNotDefined

                 value="Action to perform on the credential store is not defined")
        Exception actionToPerformNotDefined()
      • credentialStorePasswordPrompt

                 value="Credential store password: ")
        String credentialStorePasswordPrompt()
      • credentialStorePasswordPromptConfirm

                 value="Confirm credential store password: ")
        String credentialStorePasswordPromptConfirm()
      • keyPassphrasePrompt

                 value="Passphrase to be used to decrypt private key (can be nothing if no passphrase was used to encrypt the key): ")
        String keyPassphrasePrompt()
      • keyPassphrasePromptConfirm

                 value="Confirm passphrase to be used to decrypt private key (can be nothing if no passphrase was used to encrypt the key): ")
        String keyPassphrasePromptConfirm()
      • secretToStorePrompt

                 value="Secret to store: ")
        String secretToStorePrompt()
      • secretToStorePromptConfirm

                 value="Confirm secret to store: ")
        String secretToStorePromptConfirm()
      • passwordCredentialNotClearText

                 value="The retrieved PasswordCredential does not contain a ClearTextPassword")
        String passwordCredentialNotClearText()
      • cmdMaskHelpHeader

                 value="\"mask\" command is used to get MASK- string encrypted using PBEWithMD5AndDES in PicketBox compatible way.")
        String cmdMaskHelpHeader()
      • cmdMaskSaltDesc

                 value="Salt to apply to masked string")
        String cmdMaskSaltDesc()
      • cmdMaskIterationCountDesc

                 value="Iteration count for masked string")
        String cmdMaskIterationCountDesc()
      • cmdMaskSecretDesc

                 value="Secret to be encrypted")
        String cmdMaskSecretDesc()
      • saltNotSpecified

                 value="Salt not specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException saltNotSpecified()
      • invalidParameterMustBeIntBetween

                 value="Invalid \"%s\" value. Must be an integer between %d and %d, inclusive")
        IllegalArgumentException invalidParameterMustBeIntBetween​(String parameter,
                                                                  int min,
                                                                  int max)
      • secretNotSpecified

                 value="Secret not specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException secretNotSpecified()
      • cmdVaultHelpHeader

                 value="\"vault\" command is used convert PicketBox Security Vault to credential store using default implementation (KeyStoreCredentialStore) or custom implementation set with the \"type\" option.")
        String cmdVaultHelpHeader()
      • cmdLineVaultKeyStoreURL

                 value="Vault keystore URL (defaults to \"vault.keystore\")")
        String cmdLineVaultKeyStoreURL()
      • cmdLineVaultKeyStorePassword

                 value="Vault keystore password:%n- used to open original vault key store%n- used as password for new converted credential store")
        String cmdLineVaultKeyStorePassword()
      • cmdLineVaultEncryptionDirectory

                 value="Vault directory containing encrypted files (defaults to \"vault\")")
        String cmdLineVaultEncryptionDirectory()
      • cmdVaultLineSalt

                 value="8 character salt (defaults to \"12345678\")")
        String cmdVaultLineSalt()
      • cmdLineVaultIterationCount

                 value="Iteration count (defaults to \"23\")")
        String cmdLineVaultIterationCount()
      • cmdLineVaultKeyStoreAlias

                 value="Vault master key alias within key store (defaults to \"vault\")")
        String cmdLineVaultKeyStoreAlias()
      • cmdLineVaultCSParametersDesc

                 value="Configuration parameters for credential store in form of: \"parameter1=value1; ... ;parameterN=valueN\"%nSupported parameters are dependent on credential store type%nGenerally supported parameters for default credential store implementation (all are optional):%ncreate - automatically creates credential store file (true/false)%nmodifiable - is the credential modifiable (true/false)%nlocation - file location of credential store%nkeyStoreType - specify the key store type to use")
        String cmdLineVaultCSParametersDesc()
      • vaultConversionSummary

                 value="Vault Conversion summary:%n--------------------------------------%n%s%n--------------------------------------%n")
        String vaultConversionSummary​(String command)
      • conversionSuccessful

                 value="Vault Conversion Successful%n")
        String conversionSuccessful()
      • cliCommandToNewCredentialStore

                 value="CLI command to add new credential store:%n")
        String cliCommandToNewCredentialStore()
      • cliCommandBulkVaultCredentialStoreConversion

                 value="Bulk conversion with options listed in description file. All options have no default value and should be set in the file. (Action)%nAll options are required with the exceptions:%n - \"properties\" option%n - \"type\" option (defaults to \"KeyStoreCredentialStore\")%n - \"credential-store-provider\" option%n - \"other-providers\" option%n - \"salt\" and \"iteration\" options can be omitted when plain-text password is used%nEach set of options must start with the \"keystore\" option in the following format:%n keystore:<value>%nkeystore-password:<value>%nenc-dir:<value>%nsalt:<value>%niteration:<value>%nlocation:<value>%nalias:<value>%nproperties:<parameter1>=<value1>; ... ;<parameterN>=<valueN>%ntype:<value>%ncredential-store-provider:<value>%nother-providers:<value>")
        String cliCommandBulkVaultCredentialStoreConversion()
      • cmdLineVaultPrintSummary

                 value="Print summary of conversion")
        String cmdLineVaultPrintSummary()
      • cmdLineVaultCSTypeDesc

                 value="Converted credential store type (defaults to \"KeyStoreCredentialStore\")")
        String cmdLineVaultCSTypeDesc()
      • cmdLineVaultCSLocationDesc

                 value="Location of credential store storage file (defaults to \"\" in vault encryption directory)")
        String cmdLineVaultCSLocationDesc()
      • cannotLocateAdminKey

                 value="Cannot locate admin key with alias \"%s\" or it is of improper type")
        RuntimeException cannotLocateAdminKey​(String alias)
      • cannotParseProps

                 value="Cannot parse credential store implementation properties from supplied parameter")
        RuntimeException cannotParseProps()
      • vaultConvertedToCS

                 value="Vault (enc-dir=\"%s\";keystore=\"%s\") converted to credential store \"%s\"")
        String vaultConvertedToCS​(String vaultDir,
                                  String keyStore,
                                  String credentialStoreStorage)
      • descriptorParseMissingColon

                 value="Cannot parse conversion descriptor file \"%s\" missing colon at line %s")
        IOException descriptorParseMissingColon​(String file,
                                                String line)
      • unrecognizedDescriptorAttribute

                 value="Unrecognized descriptor attribute at line %s")
        IOException unrecognizedDescriptorAttribute​(String line)
      • bulkConversionProblem

                 value="Problem converting vault (enc-dir=\"%s\";keystore=\"%s\")")
        Exception bulkConversionProblem​(String vaultDir,
                                        String keyStore,
                                        Throwable cause)
      • bulkConversionInvalidOption

                 value="Invalid option \"%s\" when performing bulk conversion. Use bulk conversion descriptor file.")
        Exception bulkConversionInvalidOption​(String option)
      • credentialStoreCreated

                 value="Credential Store has been successfully created")
        String credentialStoreCreated()
      • optionNotSpecified

                 value="Option \"%s\" is not specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException optionNotSpecified​(String option)
      • duplicateOptionSpecified

                 value="Option \"%s\" specified more than once. Only the first occurrence will be used.")
        String duplicateOptionSpecified​(String option)
      • noArgumentOption

                 value="Option \"%s\" does not expect any arguments.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException noArgumentOption​(String option)
      • vaultPasswordPrompt

                 value="Vault password: ")
        String vaultPasswordPrompt()
      • vaultFileNotFound

                 value="Encryption directory \"%s\" does not contain \"VAULT.dat\" file.")
        IllegalArgumentException vaultFileNotFound​(String path)
      • maskSecretPrompt

                 value="Mask secret: ")
        String maskSecretPrompt()
      • maskSecretPromptConfirm

                 value="Confirm mask secret: ")
        String maskSecretPromptConfirm()
      • cmdLineDebug

                 value="Print stack trace when error occurs.")
        String cmdLineDebug()
      • commandExecuteExceptionNoDebug

                 value="Exception encountered executing the command. Use option \"--debug\" for complete exception stack trace.")
        String commandExecuteExceptionNoDebug()
      • undefinedAlias

                 value="Alias was not defined.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException undefinedAlias()
      • undefinedOutputLocation

                 value="Location of the output file was not defined.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException undefinedOutputLocation()
      • undefinedEncryptionDirectory

                 value="Encryption directory was not defined.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException undefinedEncryptionDirectory()
      • undefinedVaultPassword

                 value="Vault password was not defined")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException undefinedVaultPassword()
      • undefinedKeystore

                 value="Cannot parse conversion descriptor file \"%s\". No keystore specified.")
        IOException undefinedKeystore​(String file)
      • storageFileDoesNotExist

                 value="Credential store storage file \"%s\" does not exist.")
        IllegalArgumentException storageFileDoesNotExist​(String location)
      • storageFileExists

                 value="Credential store storage file \"%s\" already exists.")
        IllegalArgumentException storageFileExists​(String location)
      • wrongMaskedPasswordFormat

                 value="Wrong masked password format. Expected format is \"MASK-<encoded payload>;<salt>;<iteration>\"")
        IllegalArgumentException wrongMaskedPasswordFormat()
      • filebasedKeystoreLocationMissing

                 value="Location parameter is not specified for filebased keystore type \'%s\'")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException filebasedKeystoreLocationMissing​(String type)
      • unknownKeyPairAlgorithm

                 value="Key Pair Algorithm: \'%s\' is not supported.")
        NoSuchAlgorithmException unknownKeyPairAlgorithm​(String algorithm)
      • noPrivateKeySpecified

                 value="No private key specified for importing.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException noPrivateKeySpecified()
      • noPublicKeySpecified

                 value="No public key specified for importing.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException noPublicKeySpecified()
      • xmlNoPemContent

                 value="No PEM content found")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException xmlNoPemContent()
      • longOptionDescription

                 value="In the message below, option \'%s\' refers to long option \'%s\'.")
        String longOptionDescription​(String option,
                                     String longOption)
      • cmdFileSystemRealmHelpHeader

                 value="\'FileSystemRealm\' command is used to convert legacy properties files and scripts to an Elytron FileSystemRealm.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmHelpHeader()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmUsersFileDesc

                 value="The relative or absolute path to the users file.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmUsersFileDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptCredentialStoreDesc

                 value="The relative or absolute path to the credential store file that contains the secret key.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptCredentialStoreDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptSecretKeyDesc

                 value="The alias of the secret key stored in the credential store file. Set to key by default")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptSecretKeyDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmEncryptPopulateDesc

                 value="Whether or not the credential store should be populated with a Secret Key. Set to true by default.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmEncryptPopulateDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptCreateCredentialStoreDesc

                 value="Whether or not the credential store should be dynamically created if it doesn\'t exist. Set to true by default.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptCreateCredentialStoreDesc()
      • inputLocationNotSpecified

                 value="Input Realm location not specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException inputLocationNotSpecified()
      • inputLocationDoesNotExist

                 value="Input Realm location directory does not exist.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException inputLocationDoesNotExist()
      • outputLocationNotSpecified

                 value="Output Realm location not specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException outputLocationNotSpecified()
      • credentialStoreDoesNotExist

                 value="Credential Store location not specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException credentialStoreDoesNotExist()
      • fileSystemEncryptRequiredParametersNotSpecified

                 value="A required parameter is not specified.")
        String fileSystemEncryptRequiredParametersNotSpecified()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptHashEncodingDesc

                 value="The hash encoding to be used in the filesystem realm. Set to BASE64 by default.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptHashEncodingDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptEncodedDesc

                 value="If the original realm has encoded set to true. Set to true by default.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptEncodedDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptLevelsDesc

                 value="The levels to be used in the filesystem realm. Set to 2 by default.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptLevelsDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptInputLocationDesc

                 value="The absolute or relative location of the original filesystem realm.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptInputLocationDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptOutputLocationDesc

                 value="The directory where the new filesystem realm resides.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptOutputLocationDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptNewRealmDesc

                 value="The name of the new filesystem-realm.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptNewRealmDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmRolesFileDesc

                 value="The relative or absolute path to the roles file.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmRolesFileDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmOutputLocationDesc

                 value="The relative or absolute path to the output directory.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmOutputLocationDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmFileSystemRealmNameDesc

                 value="Name of the filesystem-realm to be configured.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmFileSystemRealmNameDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmSecurityDomainNameDesc

                 value="Name of the security-domain to be configured.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmSecurityDomainNameDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmBulkConvertDesc

                 value="Bulk conversion with options listed in description file. Optional options have default values, required options do not. (Action) %nThe options fileSystemRealmName and securityDomainName are optional. %nThese optional options have default values of: converted-properties-filesystem-realm and converted-properties-security-domain. %nValues are required for the following options: users-file, roles-file, and output-location. %nIf one or more these required values are not set, the corresponding block is skipped. %nEach option must be specified in the following format: <option>:<value>. The order of options does not matter. %nBlocks of options must be separated by a blank line.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmBulkConvertDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmEncryptBulkConvertDesc

                 value="Bulk conversion with options listed in description file. Optional options have default values, required options do not. (Action) %nThe options realm-name, hash-encoding, levels, secret-key, create, and populate are optional. %nValues are required for the following options: input-location, output-location, and credential-store. %nThe default values of realm-name, hash-encoding, levels, secret-key, create, and populate are encrypted-filesystem-realm, BASE64, 2, key, true, and true respectively. %nIf one or more these required values are not set, the corresponding block is skipped. %nEach option must be specified in the following format: <option>:<value>. The order of options does not matter. %nBlocks of options must be separated by a blank line.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmEncryptBulkConvertDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptHelpHeader

                 value="\'FileSystemRealmEncrypt\' command is used to convert un-encrypted FileSystemSecurityRealm(s) to encrypted FileSystemSecurityRealm(s) with a SecretKey.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptHelpHeader()
      • cmdFileSystemPopulateUnspecified

                 value="The populate parameter was set to false and the Secret Key did not exist in the Credential Store.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException cmdFileSystemPopulateUnspecified()
      • cmdFileSystemEncryptionNoSecretKey

                 value="Unable to locate Secret Key with Credential Store located at %s. Skipping realm located at %s.")
        String cmdFileSystemEncryptionNoSecretKey​(String credentialStore,
                                                  String realmLocation)
      • cmdFileSystemRealmSilentDesc

                 value="Suppresses all output except errors and prompts.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmSilentDesc()
      • cmdFileSystemRealmSummaryDesc

                 value="Provides a detailed summary of all operations performed, once the command finishes.")
        String cmdFileSystemRealmSummaryDesc()
      • missingUsersFile

                 value="No users file specified. Please use either --bulk-convert <file> or specify a users file using --users-file <file>")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException missingUsersFile()
      • missingRolesFile

                 value="No roles file specified. Please use either --bulk-convert <file> or specify a roles file using --roles-file <file>")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException missingRolesFile()
      • missingOutputLocation

                 value="No output location specified. Please use either --bulk-convert <file> or specify an output location using --output-location <directory>")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException missingOutputLocation()
      • mutuallyExclusiveOptionsSpecified

                 value="Both --bulk-convert and one or more of --users-file, --roles-file, and/or --output-location were specified. Please only use --bulk-convert or all of --users-file, --roles-file, and --output-location.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException mutuallyExclusiveOptionsSpecified()
      • mutuallyExclusiveOptionsEncryptSpecified

                 value="Both --bulk-convert and one or more of --old-realm-name, --new-realm-name, --input-location, --output-location, --credential-store, and/or --secret-key were specified. Please only use --bulk-convert or all of the other others.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException mutuallyExclusiveOptionsEncryptSpecified()
      • noValueFound

                 value="No value found for %s.")
        String noValueFound​(String param)
      • skippingDescriptorBlock

                 value="Skipping descriptor file block number %d due to %s.")
        String skippingDescriptorBlock​(Integer blockNumber,
                                       String reason)
      • skippingDescriptorBlockInputLocation

                 value="Skipping descriptor file block number %d due to missing input realm location.")
        String skippingDescriptorBlockInputLocation​(Integer blockNumber)
      • skippingDescriptorBlockCredentialStoreLocation

                 value="Skipping descriptor file block number %d due to missing credential store location.")
        String skippingDescriptorBlockCredentialStoreLocation​(Integer blockNumber)
      • skippingDescriptorBlockOutputLocation

                 value="Skipping descriptor file block number %d due to missing output realm location.")
        String skippingDescriptorBlockOutputLocation​(Integer blockNumber)
      • skippingDescriptorBlockFilesystemRealmName

                 value="Skipping descriptor file block number %d due to missing new filesystem realm name.")
        String skippingDescriptorBlockFilesystemRealmName​(Integer blockNumber)
      • fileSystemRealmEncryptCreatingRealm

                 value="Creating encrypted realm for: %s")
        String fileSystemRealmEncryptCreatingRealm​(String realmName)
      • shouldFileBeOverwritten

                 value="Should file %s be overwritten? (y/n) ")
        String shouldFileBeOverwritten​(String file)
      • cmdLineActionsHelpHeader

                 value="\nSome of the parameters below are mutually exclusive actions which are marked with (Action) in the description.")
        String cmdLineActionsHelpHeader()
      • keySize

                 value="Key size (bits).")
        String keySize()
      • generateSecretKey

                 value="Generate a new SecretKey and store it in the credential store.")
        String generateSecretKey()
      • exportSecretKey

                 value="Export existing SecretKey stored in the credential store.")
        String exportSecretKey()
      • exportedSecretKey

                 value="Exported SecretKey for alias %s=%s")
        String exportedSecretKey​(String alias,
                                 String key)
      • key

                 value="The encoded Key to import.")
        String key()
      • importSecretKey

                 value="Import an existing encoded SecretKey to the credential store.")
        String importSecretKey()
      • keyToImport

                 value="SecretKey to import: ")
        String keyToImport()
      • encrypt

                 value="Encrypt a clear text string using the SecretKey specified by <alias>.")
        String encrypt()
      • clearText

                 value="The clear text to encrypt.")
        String clearText()
      • clearTextToImport

                 value="Clear text value:")
        String clearTextToImport()
      • clearTextToImportAgain

                 value="Confirm clear text value:")
        String clearTextToImportAgain()
      • encryptedToken

                 value="Clear text encrypted to token \'%s\' using alias \'%s\'.")
        String encryptedToken​(String token,
                              String alias)
      • locationDoesNotExistCreationDisabled

                 value="Location that has been specified \'%s\' does not exist and automatic storage creation for the Credential Store is disabled.")
        IllegalArgumentException locationDoesNotExistCreationDisabled​(String location)
      • types

                 value="Credential store contains credentials of types:%s for alias \'%s\'")
        String types​(String types,
                     String alias)
      • invalidParameterDefaultWillBeUsed

                 value="Invalid \"%s\" parameter. Default value \"%s\" will be used.")
        String invalidParameterDefaultWillBeUsed​(String parameter,
                                                 String value)
      • invalidParameterGeneratedWillBeUsed

                 value="Invalid \"%s\" parameter. Generated value \"%s\" will be used.")
        String invalidParameterGeneratedWillBeUsed​(String parameter,
                                                   String value)
      • fipsModeNotAllowed

                 value="Mask password operation is not allowed in FIPS mode.")
        String fipsModeNotAllowed()
      • existingCredentialStore

                 value="Found credential store and alias, using pre-existing key")
        String existingCredentialStore()
      • skippingBlockMissingCredentialStore

                 value="Could not find credential store and secret key alias, skipping block")
        String skippingBlockMissingCredentialStore()
      • missingCredentialStoreSecretKey

                 value="No Credential Store location or Secret Key Alias specified.")
        org.apache.commons.cli.MissingOptionException missingCredentialStoreSecretKey()
      • mutuallyExclusiveOptions

                 value="Only one of \'%s\' and \'%s\' can be specified at the same time")
        IllegalArgumentException mutuallyExclusiveOptions​(String first,
                                                          String second)