Interface UnixSHACryptPassword

    • Field Detail


        static final String ALGORITHM_CRYPT_SHA_256
        The algorithm name "crypt-sha-256".
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        static final String ALGORITHM_CRYPT_SHA_512
        The algorithm name "crypt-sha-512".
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      • SALT_SIZE

        static final int SALT_SIZE
        The maximum salt size of this algorithm.
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        Constant Field Values

        static final int DEFAULT_ITERATION_COUNT
        The default iteration count of this algorithm.
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    • Method Detail

      • getSalt

        byte[] getSalt()
        The salt used during the hashing of this password. Should have at most 16 bytes.
        the salt
      • getHash

        byte[] getHash()
        The final hash, based on the password, salt and iteration count
        the hash
      • getIterationCount

        int getIterationCount()
        The number of iterations to perform when hashing the password. Should be bigger than 1,000 and lower than 999,999,999. The default value is 5,000
        the number of iterations to perform
      • getParameterSpec

        default IteratedSaltedPasswordAlgorithmSpec getParameterSpec()
        Description copied from interface: Password
        Get the applicable algorithm parameter specification for this password type.
        Specified by:
        getParameterSpec in interface Password
        the algorithm parameter specification, or null if this password type does not support algorithms
      • impliesParameters

        default boolean impliesParameters​(AlgorithmParameterSpec parameterSpec)
        Description copied from interface: Password
        Determine if this password is matched by the given parameter specification.
        Specified by:
        impliesParameters in interface Password
        parameterSpec - the parameter specification (must not be null)
        true if the password is matched by the parameters, false otherwise
      • createRaw

        static UnixSHACryptPassword createRaw​(String algorithm,
                                              byte[] salt,
                                              byte[] hash,
                                              int iterationCount)
        Create a raw implementation of this password type. No validation of the content is performed, and the password must be "adopted" in to a PasswordFactory (via the PasswordFactory.translate(Password) method) before it can be validated and used to verify guesses.
        algorithm - the algorithm name
        salt - the salt
        hash - the hash
        iterationCount - the iteration count
        the raw password implementation