Class PolicyMappingsExtension.PolicyMapping

    • Field Detail

      • issuerDomainPolicyOid

        private final String issuerDomainPolicyOid
      • subjectDomainPolicyOid

        private final String subjectDomainPolicyOid
    • Constructor Detail

      • PolicyMapping

        public PolicyMapping​(String issuerDomainPolicyOid,
                             String subjectDomainPolicyOid)
        Construct a new instance.
        issuerDomainPolicyOid - the OID of the issuer domain policy (must not be null)
        subjectDomainPolicyOid - the OID of the subject domain policy (must not be null)
    • Method Detail

      • getIssuerDomainPolicyOid

        public String getIssuerDomainPolicyOid()
        Get the issuer domain policy OID.
        the issuer domain policy OID
      • getSubjectDomainPolicyOid

        public String getSubjectDomainPolicyOid()
        Get the subject domain policy OID.
        the subject domain policy OID
      • encodeTo

        public void encodeTo​(ASN1Encoder encoder)
        Description copied from interface: ASN1Encodable
        Encode this object.
        Specified by:
        encodeTo in interface ASN1Encodable
        encoder - the encoder (must not be null)