Interface OidcTokenStore

    • Method Detail

      • logout

        void logout​(boolean glo)
      • checkCurrentToken

        void checkCurrentToken()
        Check if the current token exists. Refresh the token if it exists but is expired.
      • isCached

        boolean isCached​(RequestAuthenticator authenticator)
        Check if we are already logged in (i.e., check if we have a valid and successfully refreshed access token). If so, establish the security context.
        authenticator - used for actual request authentication
        true if we are logged in already; false otherwise
      • saveAccountInfo

        void saveAccountInfo​(OidcAccount account)
        Finish a successful login and store the validated account.
        account - the validated account
      • logout

        void logout()
        Handle logout on store side and possibly propagate logout call to the OIDC provider.
      • logoutAll

        void logoutAll()
      • logoutHttpSessions

        void logoutHttpSessions​(List<String> ids)
      • refreshCallback

        void refreshCallback​(RefreshableOidcSecurityContext securityContext)
        Callback invoked after a successful token refresh.
        securityContext - context where refresh was performed
      • saveRequest

        void saveRequest()
        Save the request.
      • restoreRequest

        boolean restoreRequest()
        Restore the request.
        true if the request was successfully restored; false otherwise