Class BasicAuthenticationMechanism

    • Field Detail


        private static final int PREFIX_LENGTH
      • includeCharset

        private final boolean includeCharset
      • configuredRealm

        private final String configuredRealm
      • silent

        private final boolean silent
        If silent is true then this mechanism will only take effect if there is an Authorization header. This allows you to combine basic auth with form auth, so human users will use form based auth, but allows programmatic clients to login using basic auth.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicAuthenticationMechanism

        BasicAuthenticationMechanism​(CallbackHandler callbackHandler,
                                     String configuredRealm,
                                     boolean silent,
                                     boolean includeCharset)
        Construct a new instance of BasicAuthenticationMechanism.
        callbackHandler - the CallbackHandler to use to verify the supplied credentials and to notify to establish the current identity.
        configuredRealm - a configured realm name from the configuration.
        includeCharset - should the charset be included in the challenge.