Class ModuleLoader

  • class ModuleLoader
    extends Object
    Utility class to load a module. JBoss Modules is an optional dependency of Elytron. This class will only be loaded and used when Elytron actually requires the presence of JBoss Modules.
    Jeff Mesnil (c) 2017 Red Hat inc.
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      • ModuleLoader

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      • getClassLoaderFromModule

        static ClassLoader getClassLoaderFromModule​(@Param
                                                    XMLStreamReader reader,
                                                    String moduleName)
                                             throws org.wildfly.client.config.ConfigXMLParseException
        Returns the class loader of the given module or throws a ConfigXMLParseException if the module can not be loaded.
        moduleName - the name of the module (can not be null
        the class loader of the module
        org.wildfly.client.config.ConfigXMLParseException - if the module can not be loaded