Class MatchSchemeSpecificPartRule

    • Field Detail

      • name

        private final String name
    • Constructor Detail

      • MatchSchemeSpecificPartRule

        MatchSchemeSpecificPartRule​(MatchRule parent,
                                    String name)
    • Method Detail

      • matches

        public boolean matches​(URI uri,
                               String abstractType,
                               String abstractTypeAuthority)
        Description copied from class: MatchRule
        Determine if this rule matches the given URI, and type.
        matches in class MatchRule
        uri - the URI to test
        abstractType - the abstract type of the connection (may be null)
        abstractTypeAuthority - the authority name of the abstract type (may be null)
        true if the rule matches, false otherwise
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Description copied from class: MatchRule
        Get the hash code of this rule.
        Specified by:
        hashCode in class MatchRule
        the hash code