Class ElytronTool

  • public class ElytronTool
    extends Object
    Elytron Tool main class which drives all registered commands.
    Peter Skopek
    • Field Detail

      • ElytronToolExitStatus_unrecognizedCommand

        public static int ElytronToolExitStatus_unrecognizedCommand
        status code for unrecognized command
      • ElytronToolExitStatus_OK

        public static int ElytronToolExitStatus_OK
        status code for no problems
      • scriptName

        private String scriptName
        Name of the script used to execute the tool.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ElytronTool

        public ElytronTool()
        Construct ElytronTool with registration of all supported commands.
    • Method Detail

      • main

        public static void main​(String[] args)
        Main method to call from scripts.
        args - parameters to pass farther. The first parameter is name or alias of the command.
      • generalHelp

        private void generalHelp()