Interface HttpServerAuthenticationMechanismFactory

    • Method Detail

      • getMechanismNames

        String[] getMechanismNames​(Map<String,​?> properties)
        Get the names of the HTTP authentication mechanisms that can be supplied by this factory filtered by the supplied properties.
        properties - the non-null set of properties to pass configuration to the mechanisms that may be evaluated for mechanism availability.
        A non-null array of the names of the supported HTTP authentication mechanisms.
      • createAuthenticationMechanism

        HttpServerAuthenticationMechanism createAuthenticationMechanism​(String mechanismName,
                                                                        Map<String,​?> properties,
                                                                        CallbackHandler callbackHandler)
                                                                 throws HttpAuthenticationException
        Obtain an instance of the authentication mechanism requested provided this is allowed by any policy specified within the supplied properties.
        mechanismName - The non-null name of the mechanism to create.
        properties - The non-null set of properties to select and configure the mechanism that may be evaluated for mechanism availability.
        callbackHandler - The non-null CallbackHandler for use by the mechanism during authentication.
        the configured HttpServerAuthenticationMechanism or null if no mechanism could be resolved for the given mechanism name.
        HttpAuthenticationException - if there is an error creating the mechanism.
      • shutdown

        default void shutdown()
        Can be used for clean up