Class RealmDefiniteOutcomeAuthenticationEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • RealmDefiniteOutcomeAuthenticationEvent

        RealmDefiniteOutcomeAuthenticationEvent​(RealmIdentity realmIdentity,
                                                Credential credential,
                                                Evidence evidence)
        Construct a new instance.
        realmIdentity - the authenticated realm identity
        credential - the actual credential value from the authentication (may be null if not known)
        evidence - the evidence used to authenticate (may be null if not known or not applicable)
    • Method Detail

      • getCredential

        public Credential getCredential()
        Get the actual credential used.
        the actual credential used, or null if it is not known or none was used
      • getEvidence

        public Evidence getEvidence()
        Get the actual credential guess used.
        the actual credential guess used, or null if there was no guess, it is not known, or no credential was used
      • accept

        public <P,​R> R accept​(RealmEventVisitor<P,​R> visitor,
                                    P param)
        Description copied from class: RealmEvent
        Accept the given visitor, calling the method which is most applicable to this event type.
        accept in class RealmAuthenticationEvent
        Type Parameters:
        P - the visitor parameter type
        R - the visitor return type
        visitor - the visitor
        param - the parameter to pass to the visitor handleXxx method
        the value returned from the visitor handleXxx method
      • isFailure

        public final boolean isFailure()
        Description copied from class: RealmAuthenticationEvent
        Determine if this authentication definitely failed.
        Specified by:
        isFailure in class RealmAuthenticationEvent
        true if the authentication definitely failed, false if it did not definitely fail