Class AttributeMapping

  • public class AttributeMapping
    extends Object
    Definition of a mapping from LDAP to an Elytron attribute.
    Darran Lofthouse
    • Field Detail

      • ldapName

        private final String ldapName
      • searchDn

        private final String searchDn
      • recursiveSearch

        private final boolean recursiveSearch
      • filter

        private final String filter
      • reference

        private final String reference
      • name

        private final String name
      • rdn

        private final String rdn
      • roleRecursionDepth

        private final int roleRecursionDepth
      • roleRecursionName

        private final String roleRecursionName
    • Constructor Detail

      • AttributeMapping

        AttributeMapping​(String searchDn,
                         boolean recursiveSearch,
                         String filter,
                         String reference,
                         String ldapName,
                         String name,
                         String rdn,
                         int roleRecursionDepth,
                         String roleRecursionName)
    • Method Detail

      • getLdapName

        String getLdapName()
      • getIdentityLdapName

        String getIdentityLdapName()
        Get name of LDAP attribute to obtain from identity entry
        LDAP attribute to obtain from identity entry
      • getSearchDn

        String getSearchDn()
      • getRecursiveSearch

        boolean getRecursiveSearch()
      • getFilter

        String getFilter()
      • getReference

        String getReference()
      • getRoleRecursionDepth

        int getRoleRecursionDepth()
      • getRoleRecursionName

        String getRoleRecursionName()
      • isFilteredOrReference

        boolean isFilteredOrReference()
      • searchInIdentityContext

        boolean searchInIdentityContext()
        Determine which context should be used to search filtered/referenced entry. Has effect if the identity is behind referral, in different context. If true, attribute will be searched in context, where was the identity found. DirContext of the LdapRealm will be used otherwise.
      • fromIdentity

        public static AttributeMapping.Builder fromIdentity()

        Create an attribute mapping using LDAP entry of identity itself.

        this builder
      • fromFilter

        public static AttributeMapping.Builder fromFilter​(String filter)

        Create an attribute mapping based on the results of the given filter.

        The filter may have one and exactly one {0} string that will be used to replace with the distinguished name of the identity. In this case, the filter is specially useful when the values for this attribute should be obtained from a separated entry. For instance, retrieving roles from entries with a object class of groupOfNames where the identity's DN is a value of a member attribute.

        filter - the filter that is going to be used to search for entries and obtain values for this attribute
        this builder
      • fromReference

        public static AttributeMapping.Builder fromReference​(String reference)

        Create an attribute mapping using LDAP entry referenced by attribute of identity entry.

        reference - the name of LDAP attribute containing DN of LDAP entry, from which should be value loaded.
        this builder