Class FileSystemRealmUtil

  • public class FileSystemRealmUtil
    extends Object
    A utility class to utilize methods from the FileSystemSecurityRealm class for the Elytron Tool.
    Ashpan Raskar
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileSystemRealmUtil

        public FileSystemRealmUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • createEncryptedRealmFromUnencrypted

        public static void createEncryptedRealmFromUnencrypted​(FileSystemSecurityRealm unencryptedRealm,
                                                               FileSystemSecurityRealm encryptedRealm)
                                                        throws RealmUnavailableException
        Converts a pre-existing unencrypted FileSystemSecurityRealm to a newly created encrypted FileSystemSecurityRealm
        unencryptedRealm - the FileSystemSecurityRealm without any encryption applied
        encryptedRealm - the FileSystemSecurityRealm configured with a SecretKey to encrypt identity data
        RealmUnavailableException - if either realm is unavailable