Class TLSServerEndPointChannelBinding

  • public final class TLSServerEndPointChannelBinding
    extends Object
    Utilities for handling the "tls-server-end-point" channel binding strategy used by various types of authentication mechanisms.
    David M. Lloyd
    • Method Detail

      • getDigestAlgorithm

        public static String getDigestAlgorithm​(String sigAlgOID)
        Get the digest algorithm that would be used for a given signature algorithm OID.
        sigAlgOID - the signature algorithm OID (must not be null)
        the digest algorithm, or null if the OID is not recognized
      • handleChannelBindingCallback

        public static void handleChannelBindingCallback​(ChannelBindingCallback channelBindingCallback,
                                                        X509Certificate[] serverCerts)
                                                 throws UnsupportedCallbackException
        Convenience method to handle a channel binding callback.
        channelBindingCallback - the callback (must not be null)
        serverCerts - the server certificate chain
        UnsupportedCallbackException - if the server certificates are not present or unsupported and the callback is not optional