Class IdentityCredentialCallback

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Callback, ExtendedCallback

    public final class IdentityCredentialCallback
    extends Object
    implements ExtendedCallback
    A callback to inform a server authentication mechanism of a credential which may be cached on the authentication identity (if any). The credential may be public or private.
    David M. Lloyd
    • Constructor Detail

      • IdentityCredentialCallback

        public IdentityCredentialCallback​(Credential credential,
                                          boolean isPrivate)
        Construct a new instance.
        credential - the credential (must not be null)
        isPrivate - true if the credential should be private, false if it can be public
    • Method Detail

      • getCredential

        public Credential getCredential()
        Get the credential.
        the credential (not null)
      • isPrivate

        public boolean isPrivate()
        Determine whether the credential should be treated as private.
        true to treat the credential as private, false otherwise