Package Description
WildFly security base package.
AS1 constants and utilities.
Classes relating to authentication on the client and server side.
Extended callbacks and supporting utilities which allow efficient callback handler implementation.
Elytron Client enable remote clients to authenticate using Elytron.
JSR-196 Java Authentication SPI for Containers (JASPI) - Public API.
Permissions which pertain to authentication and authorization.
The principal types used by this API.
Server side of authentication provided by Elytron.
Miscellaneous utility classes and APIs for client and server login applications.
Elytron's Authorization API
Package for Credential Store API/SPI classes and interfaces.
The evidence types used by Elytron.
Package containing the HTTP based authentication APIs, SPIs and related classes.
The WildFly security manager implementation and supporting utilities.
Packages and files for handling text passwords and their various encoding strategies.
Interfaces which represent each of the supported password encoding strategies.
Classes intended to hold raw password material.
Package containing X.500 representations.
Package containing APIs for generating certificates and certificate signing requests.