WildFly Elytron

Using regex role mapper in Elytron

Elytron subsystem configuration was enhanced to allow possibility to define a regex based security roles mapping mechanism. With this functionality it is possible to easily translate list of roles, eg. app-admin, abc-user, to simpler roles , eg. admin, user.

Add a regex role mapper

You can add a regex-role-mapper to the Elytron subsystem by specifying:

  • pattern string that will be tested by a regex in order to identify which of the input roles are matching

  • replacement string that the resulting security roles should be mapped to

  • keep-non-mapped attribute that specifies whether to keep the roles that did not match the pattern or discard them from resulting roles

  • replace-all attribute that specifies whether to replace all of the occurrences or only the first occurrence of the pattern in the resulting security role.

Default value of keep-non-mapped is true and of replace-all is false.

Regex role mapper in the example below will extract the domain part from input roles that are in form of an email address in order to convert them to the {extracted_domain}-role format. E.g.: user@gmail.com and user@customApp.com input roles would result in gmail-role and customerApp-role security roles. Attribute keep-non-mapped="true" is used to keep the roles that do not match the regex (those that were not in form of an email).

	<regex-role-mapper name="my-rrm" pattern=".*@([a-z]*)\..*" replacement="$1-role" keep-non-mapped="true"/>


Connect to the WildFly CLI and add security domain to the Elytron subsystem with identity that contains roles 123-user, 123-admin. Also add regex-role-mapper and apply it to this security domain. This regex-role-mapper will map roles that match .*-([a-z]*) to the role $1:



/subsystem=elytron/filesystem-realm=myFsRealm:add-identity-attribute(identity=joe, name=Roles, value=["123-user","123-admin"])


/subsystem=elytron/regex-role-mapper=rrm:add(pattern=".*-([a-z]*)", replacement="$1", keep-non-mapped="false", replace-all="false")


Check that when asked for roles of the identity from given security domain, the regex will be used and resulted roles will be correctly mapped from 123-user, 123-admin to user and admin:


    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => {
        "name" => "joe",
        "attributes" => {"Roles" => [
        "roles" => [


This blog post has given an overview on how to use regex-role-mapper in Elytron subsystem.