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New Security Features in WildFly

Since WildFly 26 was just released, we wanted to highlight a new security feature included in this release and a few other security features as well.

Support for JAAS Security Realms in WildFly 26

WildFly 26 now adds support for JAAS security realms to the Elytron subsystem. This means that it’s possible to use custom LoginModules for authentication and authorization. More information, including an example on how to quickly get started with this new feature, can be found in this blog post.

Support for OpenID Connect

WildFly 25 added the ability to secure applications deployed to WildFly with OpenID Connect, without needing to use the Keycloak client adapter. For more details about this recent feature and an example that shows how to secure an application deployed to WildFly with the Keycloak OpenID provider, take a look at this blog post.

Upcoming Filesystem Realm Enhancements

We will be adding the ability to encrypt the identities that are stored in Elytron’s filesystem-based security realm. In addition to this, we will be adding the ability to verify the integrity of these identities as well. For all the details on this upcoming feature, check out this blog post.

Upcoming SSL/TLS Enhancement

We will be adding a Java security provider that loads Elytron client configuration and registers a default SSL context for the JVM. When this provider is registered with high enough priority, client libraries that use SSLContext.getDefault() will obtain an SSL context instantiated and configured by the Elytron client. For all the details on this upcoming feature, check out this blog post.

Contributing to Elytron

As always, the WildFly Elytron project welcomes your contributions!

How to get started?

Our contribution guide helps guide you through the steps for getting started on the WildFly Elytron project and goes through how to format and submit your first PR.

How to pick an issue?

We have created a list of good first issues to help you get started.

How to reach us?

If you’d like some help or have questions about making contributions to our project, feel free to reach us on chat or add questions directly on your PR.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the WildFly Elytron project this year!

Where to Find More Information

This blog post has given an overview of some new security features in WildFly. Be sure to check out our blog posts page, where we have all our blog posts on Elytron features. If there is an Elytron topic you’d like to see a blog post on, feel free to let us know on WildFly’s user forum.

To learn more about Elytron, check out our site.