WildFly Elytron

FAQ for New Contributors

It’s very common for new contributors to any project to have questions on how to get started. In this post, we thought we’d capture some frequently asked questions we’ve received from new contributors to the WildFly Elytron project.

How do I find an issue to work on?

This video shows how to find a project’s contribution guide and how to identify good first issues to work on. It also shows how to navigate JIRA, create a JIRA account, and assign an issue to yourself.

How do I import a project into an IDE?

This video shows how to fork a project’s repo and how to clone your fork onto your machine. It also shows how to import the project into IntelliJ IDEA.

How do I get started with git?

This video has lots of tips for getting started with git! Learn how to create a new branch, make a change, amend a commit, push a change to the remote repo, submit a PR, work on another issue, and update a PR.

How do I squash commits in my PR?

This video walks you through squashing commits and pushing the changes to your remote repo.


We hope these answers are useful! If you think of a question that you would like to see covered in a short video, let us know. Happy contributing!