WildFly Elytron

WildFly Elytron

Upcoming client side default SSL context provider

Currently it is possible to configure SSL contexts in the Elytron client configuration which can be used by interacting with the Elytron client and its APIs. In a future WildFly release, we will provide the ability to register a JVM wide default SSL context that other libraries can obtain without the need to use the Elytron client API.

A new java security provider will be added for this purpose. This provider loads Elytron client configuration from a file and registers an SSLContext as the default SSLContext for the JVM.

When this provider has high enough priority, all client libraries that use SSLContext.getDefault() will obtain an SSL context instantiated and configured by the Elytron client without having to modify their code.

Providers can be registered statically in java.security file or dynamically in the code by using the standard java provider registration API.


This blog post has given an overview of the upcoming JVM wide default SSL context provider in the Elytron client which will be included in a future WildFly release.